English - сборник эффективных методик English - сборник эффективных методик
English - сборник эффективных методик

Метод Милашевича. Практические задания.

Переведите на русский язык следующие английские предложения:


Задание 1.

1. We ask.
2. We are asking.
3. I had been asked.
4. They would ask.
5. You have been asking.
6. He was asked.
7. They would be asking.
8. He was asking.
9. He has been asked.
10. He will have been asked.
11. You were being asked.
12. I had been asked.
13. We shall be asking.
14. We were asking.
15. They ask.
16. She has been asking.
17. We have asked.
18. You were asking.
19. We have been asked.
20. We should have been asked.
21. We shall have asked.
22. He had asked.
23. I should ask.
24. I had been asking.
25. They would be asked.
26. We asked.
27. You will be asking.
28. He will have asked.
29. He had been asked.
30. I should be asked.
31. I am asking.
32. They had been asking.
33. I am being asked.
34. You have asked.
35. They asked.
36. They will be asking.
37. They had been asked.
38. They would have been asked.
39. We should be asked.
40. I shall have been asking.
41. I shall be asking.
42. They have asked.
43. They will have asked.
44. I should be asking.
45. You ask.
46. I should have asked.
47. They were being asked.
48. I should have asked.
49. They will have been asking.
50. They are asking.
51. I shall have asked.
52. He would have asked.
53. I shall ask.
54. He is asked.
55. We have asked.
56. You will be asked.
57. We should have been asking.
58. He has been asked.
59. We are asked.
60. You have been asked.
61. I asked.
62. I was being asked.
63. He would have been asking.
64. He would be asking.
65. We are being asked.
66. You have asked.
67. I shall have been asked.
68. He asks.
69. We are asking.
70. We should be asking.
71. They are being asked.
72. You would have been asking.
73. You asked.
74. He has asked.
75. We were asked.
76. I have been asked.
77. I shall be asked.
78. I was asked.
79. You will have asked.
80. We should ask.
81. They have asked.
82. They have been asking
83. He asked.
84. They were asking.
85. You were asked.
86. They are being asked.
87. They are asking.
88. I shall have asked.
89. He would have asked.
90. They have been asked.


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Задание 2

Переведите с на русский язык следующие английские предложения:

1. I go to the Institute on foot.
2. I returned home yesterday.
3. I had read the book before he came.
4. I am often invited to his place.
5. This plane is flying from Kiev to Moscow.
6. He was invited to the meeting.
7. New roads are built in this region every year.
8. This letter has been received today.
9. Some vine has been spilt on the tablecloth.
10. They staged «Othello» last year.
11. We shall pack the suitcases in ten minutes.
12. The books have not been sold yet.
13. This year I shall spend my leave in the South.
14. «Othello» was staged last year.
15. Peter swims well.
16. We began the experiment three days ago.
17. They were building a new school in our town.
18. The suitcases will be packed in ten minutes.
19. Every year we build new roads in this region.
20. Someone has spilt some vine on the tablecloth.
21. This music was composed by Beethoven.
22. Pete goes to the South every summer.
23. A new school was being built in our town.
24. I have been waiting for them for 20 minutes.
25. The Earth and other planets rotate around the Sun.
26. Last summer I spent in the South.
27. We shall begin this work tomorrow.
28. The design will be reading in two days.
29. He has been watching TV for two hours.
30. I saw the start of the first space rocket.
31. I should have been working.
32. He said we should finish the work today.

33. They have been called by him.
34. They have been calling him.
35. The work has been finished.
36. They have finished the work.
37. I said I should come soon.
38. She had been painting the picture for some days, when I came.
39. He will have been writing a letter for three hours when you come.
40. He said they would be working in the laboratory from 10 to 12.
41. New material was being explained by the teacher yesterday at 10 o'clock.
42. When I entered the reading-room John was looking through some magazines.
43. He said they would have finished their work by noon.
44. I shall have ironed the dress by 9 o'clock.
45. New material will have been explained by the teacher by the end of the first lesson.
46. Leaving the house yesterday, he said he would come in two hours.
47. He is working on his thesis now.
48. We shall be expecting you at 5.
49. The suit will have been pressed by noon.
50. I said I have finished my work by the end of the week.
51. They were invited by my friend.
52. She has left a message for you.
53. You will have forgotten me by then.
54. He said that houses would have been built by the end of the year.
55. The plane is flying at the height of 1500 metres.
56. They will have fulfilled their planes by the 25th.
57. He said she would have written the dictation by 2 o'clock the next day.
58. The planes were crossing the border.
59. He said that houses would be built in our district.
60. Apples are being sold in this shop.
61. He will be stopped by them.
62. I have met him today.
63. We knew that we should manage somehow.
64. We shall have been having dinner for half an hour when you call for us.
65. We were approaching the port at 10 o'clock yesterday.
66. I said I would have been writing a letter for 2 hours when you come tomorrow.
67. At the present moment we are flying over a big ocean liner.
68. I had been writing a letter since 2 o'clock when he came.
69. He has finished the work this week.
70. New material was being explained by the teacher yesterday at 10 o'clock.
71. We have not seen him since 1957.
72. I will have been writing a letter since 2 o'clock when you come tomorrow.
73. We were informed that they would have fulfilled their programme by the 15th of December.
74. The have not had their breakfast.
75. We had fulfilled the plan by the 25th of December.
76. He said he would arrive soon.
77. The suit is being cleaned.
78. The letter was sent to the wrong address.
79. The book is much spoken about.
80. He was working in the library.
81. By 5 o'clock we had discharged all the cargoes.
82. Much has been written on this subject.
83. I said he would be working at 5.
84. I have been waiting here for half an hour.
85. The work will have been finished by 5 o’clock.
86. He said he would come in two days.
87. He said she would be working in the library.
88. The ship will be waiting for you.
89. We had finished our work before he came.
90. He had been writing for two hours yesterday when I came.

Правильные ответы:

1. Я иду в институт пешком.
2. Я вернулся домой вчера.
3. Я прочитал книгу перед тем, как он пришел.
4. Меня часто приглашают к нему.
5. Этот самолет летит из Киева в Москву (сейчас).
6. Его приглашали на собрание.
7. Каждый год в этом районе строятся новые дороги.
8. Это письмо было получено сегодня.
9. Вино было пролито на скатерть.
10. В прошлом году они ставили «Отелло».
11. Мы будем укладывать чемоданы 10 минут.
12. (Эти) книги еще не распродали.
13. В этом году я буду проводить свой отпуск на юге.
14. «Отелло» ставился в прошлом году.
15. Петя плавает хорошо.
16. Мы начали (этот) эксперимент три дня назад.
17. Они строили новую школу в нашем городе.
18. Чемоданы будут укладывать через десять минут.
19. Каждый год мы строим новые дороги в этом районе.
20. Кто-то пролил вино на скатерть.
21. Эта музыка была написана Бетховеном.
22. Петр ездит на юг каждое лето.
23. Новая школа строилась в нашем районе.
24. Я ожидаю их уже 20 минут.
25. Земля и другие планеты вращаются вокруг Солнца (постоянно).
26. Прошлым летом я провел свой отпуск на юге.
27. Мы будем начинать эту работу завтра.
28. (Этот) проект будет готов через два дня.
29. Он смотрит телевизор уже два часа.
30. Я видел запуск первой космической ракеты.
31. Я буду работать.
32. Он сказал, что мы будем заканчивать эту работу сегодня.
33. Они были позваны им.
34. Они позвали его.
35. Работа была закончена.
36. Они закончили работу.
37. Я сказал, что скоро приеду.
38. Она писала картину уже несколько дней, когда я пришел.
39. Он будет писать письмо завтра в три часа, когда ты придешь.
40. Он сказал, что они будут работать в лаборатории от 10 до 12.
41. Новый материал объяснялся преподавателем вчера в 10 часов.
42. Когда я вошел в читальный зал, Джон просматривал журналы.
43. Он сказал, что они закончат свою работу в полдень.
44. Я отглажу платье к девяти часам.
45. Новый материал будет объяснен преподавателем завтра к концу первого урока.
46. Покидая вчера дом, он сказал, что придет в два часа.
47. В настоящее время он работает над своей диссертацией.
48. Мы будем ждать вас в пять часов.
49. Костюм будет отглажен к полудню.
50. Я сказал, что закончу свою работу к концу недели.
51. Их пригласил мой друг.
52. Она оставила записку для тебя.
53. Вы меня забудете к этому времени.
54. Он сказал, что дом будет построен к концу года.
55. (Этот) самолет летит на высоте 1500 метров.
56. Они выполнят свои планы к 25-му.
57. Он сказал, что она напишет диктант к двум часам следующего дня.
58. Самолеты пересекали границу.
59. Он сказал, что дома будут построены в нашем районе.
60. Яблоки продаются в этом магазине.
61. Он будет остановлен ими (Его остановят они).
62. Я встретил его сегодня.
63. Мы знали, что как-нибудь справимся (будем совершать определенное действие).
64. Мы будем обедать уже полчаса, когда вы заедете за нами.
65. Вчера в 10 часов мы подходили к порту.
66. Я сказал, что буду писать письмо с двух часов, когда ты придешь завтра.
67. В настоящий момент мы пролетаем над большим океанским лайнером.
68. Я писал письмо с двух часов, когда он пришел.
69. Он закончил работу на этой неделе.
70. Новый материал объяснялся преподавателем вчера в 10 часов.
71. Мы не видели его с 1954 года.
72. Я буду писать письмо с двух часов, когда ты придешь завтра.
73. Нас информировали, что они выполнят свою программу к 16 декабря.
74. Они еще не позавтракали.
75. Мы выполнили план к 25 декабря.
76. Он сказал, что скоро прибудет (т. е. будет совершать определенное действие).
77. Костюм чистится.
78. Письмо было послано не по тому адресу.
79. Об этой книге много говорят.
80. Он работал в библиотеке.
81. К пяти часам мы разгрузили все грузы.
82. По этому вопросу много писали.
83. Я сказал, что он будет работать в пять часов.
84. Я жду здесь уже полчаса.
85. (Эта) работа будет закончена к пяти часам.
86. Он сказал, что придет через два дня (будет совершать определенное действие).
87. Он сказал, что они будут работать в библиотеке.
88. Судно будет ожидать вас.
89. Мы закончили работу прежде, чем он пришел.
90. Он писал уже два часа вчера, когда я пришел.




Задание 3

Переведите с на русский язык следующие английские предложения:

1. Do I ask?
2. Were we asked?
3. Will we have been asked?
4. Am I asking?
5. Have I asked?
6. Had she asked?
7. Is he asked?
8. Will you have asked?
9. Had she been asking?
10. Had I been asking?
11. Have I been asking?
12. Shall I have been asking?
13. Am I asked?
14. Am I being asked?
15. Have I been asked?
16. Were you being asked?
17. Will you be asked?
18. Were you asked?
19. Shall we have been asking?
20. Have you been asking?
21. Had they been asking?
22. Have you asked?
23. Had I asked?
24. Was I asking?
25. Are they asking?
26. Is he asking?
27. Does he ask?
28. Did I ask?
29. Will they ask?
30. Was it asking?
31. Have they asked?
32. Had they asked?
33. Were they asked?
34. Is she asked?
35. Shall we be asking?
36. Had we asked?
37. Has it asked?
38. Are you being asked?
39. Were they being asked?
40. Have they been asked?
41. Will they have been asking?
42. Has he asked?
43. Was he asking?
44. Have we asked?
45. Do we ask?
46. Will you ask?
47. Had you asking?
48. Are you asking?
49. Had it asked?
50. Had you been asking?
51. Has he been asking?
52. Was he asked?
53. Is she being asked?
54. Had it been asked?
55. Had you been asked?
56. Had we been asked?
57. Will you have been asking?
58. Did he ask?
59. Were you asking?
60. Had he asked?
61. Will you be asking?
62. Will it have asked?
63. Is it asking?
64. Will they have asked?
65. Will they be asked?
66. Was he being asked?
67. Will she have been asking?
68. Is he being asked?
69. Had he been asking?
70. Were we being asked?
71. Have we been asking?
72. Has she asked?
73. Is she asking?
74. Does it ask?
75. Will he have asked?
76. Will they be asking?
77. Has it been asked?
78. Was she asked?
79. Was she being asked?
80. Will they have been asked?
81. Had we been asking?
82. Will he have been asking?
83. Shall I have asked?
84. Are we asking?
85. Did she ask?
86. Will it be asking?
87. Does she ask?
88. Shall I be asking?
89. Shall we have asked?
90. Were we asking?
91. Will it have been asking?
92. Are they being asked?
93. Were we being asked?
94. Will he being asked?
95. Will she have been asked?
96. Had they been asked?
97. Will she be asking?
98. Will you have been asked?
99. Have you been asked?
100. Will he be asked?
101. Shall I ask?
102. Shall we be asked?
103. Shall we ask?
104. Shall we have been asked?
105. Did it ask?
106. Had he beer asked?
107. Will it ask?
108. Has she been asked?
109. Did you ask?
110. Do you ask?
111. Has he been asked?
112. Do they ask?
113. Have they been asked?
114. Will she ask?
115. Are they asked?
116. Did we ask?
117. Was she asking?
118. Will she have asked?
119. Has she been asking?
120. Have we been asked?
121. Were they asking?
122. Had she been asked?
123. Will she be asked?
124. Will he ask?
125. Are we asked?
126. Are you asked?
127. Did they ask?

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